JoŽlle Pappas

JoŽlle Pappas is working on exciting projects this year, including Duet2 funded by ACE and other repertoire pieces funded by Tac-au-Tac Dance Theatre. They include a new work 'Mother' inspired by a hill fire in Greece and reconstructs of Point ŗ la Ligne and Le Chant des Pierres. For more information and to express interest, please contact

Tales without Words
Leap Day Dancing

Past Choreographic Works

La Chanson du Mal-Aimť (2009)
Created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of La Chanson du Mal-Aimť by Guillaume Apollinaire at L' Abbaye de Stavelot (Belgium).
Performer: Fanchon Daemers

Le Chant des Pierres (2007)
Le Chant des Pierres is a journey in and around the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth and Douglas Youngís score The Rhythm of the Stones. It's a dynamic play between inner tensions, rhythm and equilibrium. Dancer: JoŽlle Pappas

Point ŗ la Ligne (2007)
Inspired by Paul Klee's PEDAGOGICAL SKETCHBOOK, choreographed to Douglas Young's score "mr klee gives a lecture at the bauhaus".
Dancers : Anthony Kurt and Maryam Pourian

Bagatelle Ė Passing by (2005)
This piece takes a phone conversation as point of departure for exploring the relationship between dance and projected moving images.
Dancer: Galina Kalicin

M e d i t a t i o n (2003)
A quartet for three dancers and a vibraphonist. Melody, movement and relationships are suspended until Time intrudes... Alone in a world ordered by expectations, a woman creates her own parallel existence.
"This was terribly interesting. Juxtaposition of the musical instrument with artistes. Lighting generous in its ambiance. Grace and elegance. Such enjoyment. Wonderful."
"Meditation (Joelle Pappas) was a delight for the eye." Richard Hollingum (The Oxford Times)
Dancers: Galina Kalicin, Melanie Newman, JoŽlle Pappas with Jacquie Walduck (musician)

Washing Day (2001)
Set in a 1950's kitchen, Washing Day was inspired by nonsense poetry. On washing day, two little girls play hide and seek amongst the piles of washing... Dancers: Galina Kalicin, Melanie Newman and JoŽlle Pappas

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